BUNDLE KS2 Science Mini-Quizzes

BUNDLE KS2 Science Mini-Quizzes

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20 topics are covered in this KS2 Science Mini-Quizzes Pack. Each topic has 2 separate multiple choice quizzes and an answer scheme so that self/peer or teacher marking is quick and easy. Perfect for teachers to use in class or children to learn from. These are directly linked to our knowledge organisers and learning directly from these is highly recommended. The pack also includes a blank template to edit and use as you like.


Year 3 (Plants, Skeleton and Muscle System, Rocks and Soils, Light and Forces and Magnets)

Year 4 (Living Things and Their Habitats, The Digestive System and Teeth, States of Matter, Sound and Electricity)

Year 5 (Life Cycles, Human Growth, Materials, Earth and Space and Forces)

Year 6 (The Circulatory and Respiratory System, Classification, Evolution, Light and Electricity)


These are MUST HAVE resources for the new curriculum!

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