BUNDLE - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Science Knowledge Organisers

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Every objective is covered in these fun, fact-filled Knowledge Organisers. Perfect for teachers to use in class or children to revise from. 

Each year has 5 colourfully-illustrated posters containing all the knowledge needed to reach the expected standard in science.

Year 3 (Plants, Skeleton and Muscle System, Rocks and Soils, Light and Forces and Magnets)

Year 4 (Living Things and Their Habitats, The Digestive System and Teeth, States of Matter, Sound and Electricity)

Year 5 (Life Cycles, Human Growth, Materials, Earth and Space and Forces)

Year 6 (The Circulatory and Respiratory System, Classification, Evolution, Light and Electricity)

These are MUST HAVE resources for the new curriculum!

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